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arty over the way,’ Martha had once said, ‘than let it go to her own kith and kin. And if she do hate any human creature, she do hate Barty Burgess.’ She assented, however, to Dorothy’s proposal; and, though Mrs Stanbury and Priscilla were astounded by the precipitancy of the measure, they did not attempt to oppose it.
‘And what am I to do?’ said Brooke, when he was told.
‘You’ll come tomorrow, of course,’ said Dorothy.
‘But it may be that the two of us together will be too many for the dear old lunatic.’
‘You shan’t http://agthomeservices.com/images/monclerkurtki.php call her a lunatic, Brooke. She isn’t so much a lunatic as you are, to run counter to her, and disobey her, and all that kind of thing.’
‘And how about yourself?’
‘How can I help it, Brooke? It is you that say it must be so.’
‘Of course it must. Who is to be stayed from doing what is reasonable http://roivoli.fi/images/Parajumperstakki.php because an http://airdz.ru/images/monclerkurtki.php old woman has a bee on her bonnet. I don’t believe in people’s wills.’
‘She can do what she likes about it, Brooke.’
‘Of course she can, and of course she will. What I mean is that it never pays to do this or that because somebody may alter his will, or may make a will, or may not make a will. You become a slave for life, and then your dead tyrant leaves you a mourning-ring, and grins at you out of his grave. All the same she’ll kick up a row, I fancy, and you’ll have to bear the worst of it.’
‘I’ll tell her the truth; and if she be very http://roivoli.fi/images/2016-parajumpers-gobi-naiset-takit-oliivi.php angry, I’ll just come home again. But I think I’ll come home tomorrow any way, so that I’ll pass you on the road. That will be best. She won’t want us both together. Only then, Brooke, I shan’t see you again.’
‘Not till June.’
‘And is it to be really in June?’
‘You say you don’t like May.’
‘You are such a goose, Brooke. It will be May almost tomorrow. I shall be such a poor wife for you, Brooke. As for getting my things ready, I shall not bring hardly any things at all. Have you thought what it is to take a body so very poor?’
‘I own I haven’t thought as much about it, Dolly, as I ought to have done, perhaps.’
‘It is too late now, Brooke.’
‘I suppose it is.’
‘Quite too late. A week ago I could have borne it. I had almost got myself to think that it would be better that I should bear it. But you have come, and banished all the virtue out of my head. I am ashamed of myself, because I am so unworthy; but I would put up with that shame rather than lose you now. Brooke, Brooke, I will so try to be good to you!’
In the afternoon Martha and Dorothy started together for Exeter, Brooke and Priscilla accompanying them as far as Mrs Crocket’s, where the Lessboro’ fly was awaiting them. Dorothy said little or nothing during the walk, nor, indeed, was she very communicative http://www.biurolink24.com.pl/img/monclerkurtki.php during the journey into Exeter. She was going to her aunt, instigated simply by the affection of her full heart; but she was kurtki Moncler going with a tale in her mouth which she knew would be very unwelcome. She could not save herself from feeling that, in having accepted Brooke, and in having not only accepted him but even fixed the day for her marriage, she had been ungrateful to her aunt. Had it not been for her aunt’s http://altwaim.com.sa/images/monclerkurtki.php kindness and hospitality, she would never have seen Brooke Burgess. And as she had been under her aunt’s care at Exeter, she doubted whether she had not been guilty of some great fault in falling in love with this man, in opposition as it were to express orders. Should her aunt still declare that she would in no way countenance the marriage, that she would still oppose it and use her influence with Brooke to break it off, then would Dorothy return on the morrow to her mother’s cottage at Nuncombe Putney, so that her lover might be free to act with her aunt as he might think fit. And should he yield, she would endeavour, she would struggle hard, to think that he was still acting for the best. ‘I must tell her myself, Martha,’ said Dorothy, as they came near to Exeter.
‘Certainly, miss, only you’ll do it tonight.’
‘Yes at once. As soon after I get there as possible.’
Chapter 73 Dorothy Returns http://asper.es/media/uploads/monclerkurtki.php to Exeter
Miss Stanbury perfectly understood that Martha was to come back by the train reaching Exeter at 7 p.m., and that she might be expected in the Close about a quarter-of-an-hour after that time. She had been nervous and anxious all day, so much so that Mr Martin had told her that she must be very careful. ‘That’s all very well,’ the old woman had said, ‘but you haven’t got any medicine for my complaint, Mr Martin.’ The apothecary had assured her that the worst of her complaint was in the east wind, and had gone away begging her to be very kurtki Moncler careful. ‘It is not God’s breezes that are hard to any one,’ the old lady had said to herself ‘but our own http://clsss.ru/images/monclerkurtki.php hearts.’ After her lonely dinner she had fidgeted about the room, and had rung twice for the girl, not knowing what order to give when the servant came to her. She was very anxious about her tea, but would not have it brought to her till after Martha should have arrived. She was half-minded to order that a second cup and saucer should be placed there, but she http://awtherm.pl/images/monclerkurtki.php had not the courage to face the disappointment which would fall upon her, should the cup and saucer stand there for no purpose. And yet, should she come, how nice it would be to shew her girl that her old aunt had been ready for her. Thrice she went to the window after the cathedral clock had struck seven, to see whether her ambassador was returning. From her window there was only one very short space of pathway on which she could have seen her and, as it happened, there came the ring at the door, and no ambassador had as yet been viewed. Miss Stanbury was immediately off her seat, and out upon the landing. ‘Here we are again, Miss Dorothy,’ said Martha. Then Miss Stanbury could not restrain herself but descended the stairs, moving as she had never moved since she had first been ill. ‘My bairn,’ she said; ‘my dearest bairn! I thought that perhaps it might be so. Jane, another tea-cup and saucer up-stairs.’ What a pity that she had not ordered it before! ‘And get a hot cake, Jane. You will be ever so hungry, my darling, after your journey.’
‘Are you glad to see me, Aunt Stanbury?’ said Dorothy.
‘Glad, my pretty one!’ Then she put up her hands, and smoothed http://avasta.rs/images/monclerkurtki.php down the girl’s cheeks, and kissed her, and patted Martha on the back, and scolded her at the same time for not bringing Miss Dorothy from the station in a cab. ‘And what is the meaning of that little bag?’ she said. ‘You shall go back for the rest yourself, Martha, because it is your own fault.’ Martha knew that all this was pleasant enough, but then her mistress’s moods would sometimes be changed so suddenly! How would it be when Miss Stanbury knew that Brooke Burgess had been left behind at Nuncombe Putney?
‘You see I didn’t stay to eat any of the lamb,’ said Dorothy, smiling.
‘You shall have a calf instead, my dear,’ said Miss Stanbury, ‘because you are a returned prodigal.’
All this was very pleasant, and Miss Stanbury was so happy dispensing her tea, and the hot cake, and the clotted cream, and was so intent upon her little methods of caressing and petting her niece, that Dorothy had no heart to tell her story while the plates and cups were still upon the table. She had not, perhaps, cared much for the hot cake, having such a weight upon her mind, but she had seemed to care, understanding well that she might so best conduce to her aunt’s comfort. kurtki Moncler Miss Stanbury was a woman who could not bear that the good things which she had provided for a guest should not be enjoyed. She could taste with a friend’s palate, and drink with a friend’s throat. But when debarred these vicarious pleasures by what seemed to her to be the caprice of her guests, she would be offended. It had been one of the original sins of Camilla and Arabella French that they would declare at her tea-table that they had dined late and could not eat tea-cake. Dorothy knew all this and did her duty, but with a heavy heart. There was the story to be told, and she had promised Martha that it should be told tonight. She was quite aware, too, independently of her promise, that it was necessary that it should be told tonight. It was very sad very grievous that the dear old lady’s happiness should be disturbed so soon; but it must be done. When the tea-things were being taken away her aunt was still purring round her, and saying gentle, loving words. Dorothy bore it as well as she could bore it well, smiling and kissing her aunt’s hand, and uttering now and kurtki Moncler then some word of affection. But the thing had to be done; and as soon as the room was quiet for a moment, she jumped up from her chair and began. ‘Aunt Stanbury, I must tell you something at once. Who, do you think, is at Nuncombe Putney?’
‘Not Brooke Burgess?’
‘Yes, he is. He is there now, and is to be here with you tomorrow.’
The whole colour and character of Miss Stanbury’s face was changed in a moment. She had been still purring up to the moment in which this communication had been made to her. Her gratification had come to her from the idea that her pet had come back to her from love of her as in very truth had been the case; but now it seemed that Dorothy had returned to ask for a great favour for herself. And she reflected at once that Brooke had passed through Exeter without seeing her. If kurtki Moncler he was determined to marry without reference to her, he might at any rate have had the grace to come to her and say so. She, in the fulness of her heart, had written words of affection to Dorothy, and both Dorothy and Brooke had at once taken advantage of her expressions for their own purposes. Such was her reading of the story of the http://linktel.com.tr/images/monclerkurtki.php day. ‘He need not trouble himself to come here now,’ she said.
‘Dear aunt, do not say that.’
‘I do say it. He need not trouble himself to come now. When I said that I should be glad to see you, I did not intend that you should meet Mr Burgess under my roof. kurtki Moncler I did not wish to have you both together.’
‘How could I help coming, when you wrote to me like that?’
‘It is very well, but he need not come. He knows the way from Nuncombe to London http://marynowski.com.pl/uploads/monclerkurtki.php without stopping at Exeter.’
‘Aunt Stanbury, you must let http://www.aniara.cl/nuevo/images/monclerkurtki.php me tell it you all.’
‘There is no more to tell, I should think.’
‘But there is more. You knew what he thought about me, and what he wished.’
‘He is his own master, my dear and you are kurtki Moncler your own http://karakayacelik.com/webbi/monclerkurtki.php mistress.’
‘If you speak to me like that you will kill me, Aunt Stanbury. I did not think of coming, only when Martha brought your dear letter I could not help it. But he was coming. He meant to come tomorrow, and he will. Of course he must defend himself, if you are angry with him.’
‘He need not defend himself at all.’
‘I told them, and I told him, that I would only stay one night if you did not wish that we should be here together. You must see him, Aunt Stanbury. You would not refuse to see him.’
‘If you please, my dear, you must allow me to judge whom I will see.’
After that the discussion ceased between them for awhile, and Miss Stanbury left the room that she
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